Sadly, Carina was shutdown... So howtowhale is on hiatus until a new hosting situation is found.

Learn Docker Today

Want to do the Dockers? Not sure what it's all about, other than some epic whales? We've got you covered!

Learn Docker in your web browser, no setup or installation required.

What can I do?

Here are some things you can do try out in under 10 minutes:

Play Minecraft

Run a Minecraft server for just your friends

Make Let's Encrypt TLS certificates

secure an NGINX server with free TLS certificates from Let's Encrypt

Command a ChatOps bot

Put out fires from the comfort of your group chat window

Host your website

Spin up a WordPress application in minutes

Try ASP.NET vNext

Publish an ASP.NET website from the command line on Mac OS X, Linux or Windows

Build a game

Build a scalable, real-time game server

How does it work?

With the help of Carina, a Docker Swarm cluster is created just for you, running Jupyter in a Docker container. It's populated with a number of Jupyter notebooks where you can interact directly with your Docker Swarm cluster and learn Docker all from the comfort of your web browser. So is it magic? Nope, just massively abusing cool stuff for fun and profit.

Jupyter Logo Carina by Rackspace Logo

Why How to Whale?

Because if I named this "Try Docker", I would get in trouble...

I've always loved Code School. Learning a new language without having to install anything on my machine, configure my development environment or deal with the differences between operating systems. One day I took Safia's data analytics workshop and got my first taste of what Jupyter can do and decided to use it to teach Docker.